Quality and passion

All Madflap products were born from the love for bicycles and mountain bikes in all their specialties. From the fenders to the protection adhesives to the t-shirts. Everything is proudly made in Italy with passion. Materials have been selected with great care and each piece is devotedly handmade. Our mission is to make high quality products, beautiful at look and technically resistant.

Reliability and precision

Madflap is a brand of Adolfo Felisati srl who has been producing for over 40 years resistant metal and plastic tags.
Our mission is to produce resistant products, made of materials selected amongst the best ones available on the international market and which comply with strict quality and safety standards. The new headquarters with 6.000 sqm. of covered production, the machinery improvement and the selection of top quality raw materials have made it possible to keep a steady technological development in searching new advanced solutions to satisfy every customer’s needs.


The idea and concept of Madflap was born from our passion from bicycles. Our Team is personally involved in all the production phases. All Madflaps products are entirely handmade in Italy.

Graphic Design

All products are carefully designed and its production process starts in our graphic department. From the design and development of the graphics to the first prototype.

Silk-screen Printing

From the graphic product we move to the preparation of the machinery and the screen printing frames. The silk-screen printing makes it possible to have a high quality print with rich and long-lasting colours.

Laser Cut

After the print-out of our products, fenders and adhesives are cut. Thanks to laser technology we can get to a unique and extremely precise final result.